Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scrolled paintings (Kakejiku) are in stock

We have stocked with some scrolled paintings (Kakejiku) and other artwork.

Scrolled painting (Kakejiku)

Ouin, Sakamoto Yukino

Suisen, Inoue Shujo

Koubaiouchou, Momo Kou

Koubaisuisen, Sugisaki Houshou

Chouyou Ouka Fuji, Nakajima Chinami

Kakejiku is a painting, calligraphy, etc., mounted on paper or cloth as a scroll for hanging on a wall, etc.
It has the axis made from wood or other materials, and paintings or calligraphic pieces are rolled up around it.
It is indispensable for cha-shitsu, a room constructed for tea ceremony, and the unique charm which is different from that of a framed painting comes from somewhere deep within.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Strange Materials of Pigments

The beauty of pigments is one of the appeal of Japanese painting.
Do you know the materials of pigments? There are some strange materials.

A blue pigment made from azurite, a mineral which is found in copper ore deposits. It is expensive because it is produced in small quantities.

*Lapis lazuli
A blue pigment made from lazurite. It is often called Ultramarine.

A green pigment made from malachite. It was used for mural paintings in the stone caves in China from around the 8th century.

A red pigment. It is prepared from the reaction of mercury with sulfur.

A white pigment made from powdered oyster shells. It is also used for softening other colors by blending.